Empowering women for the development of a society is essential and basic right for the feminine gender. It enables women as individuals to realize their identities and strengths in all matters of life. This not only inflates women’s potentials and capabilities but also helps them contribute to a society.

Technical training is one of the best ways to empower women. Skill development is the most effective way to propel financial stability that leads to empower young women. Technical skills are essential mechanisms of any strategy to improve productivity. This would help improve the financial status as well as self-confidence and livelihood of women. Studies show that with the involvement of women’s economic activity on the same level as men do, the world would add trillions in a few years.

The unique virtues and skills are even unable to recreate by artificial intelligence and computers. Technical skills can drive the economy as well as creativity for entertainment, media, and other aspects of innovation while empowering women.

Encourage Vocational Education

Vocational education aims to intensify opportunities for women as most of the developing countries enhance the availability of domestic resources and foreign aid support to build up technical training. Training institutes that specifically aim at girls and women in their communities play an important role in economic growth, encouragement, and independence in women.

Why do we Need Technical Education for Women?

§  Helps women to contribute to the family income which gives them more respect from family members.

§  Improve the socio-economic status and family stability.

§  Helps women to stand up for themselves against violence. And if women are financially stable and active it reduces the risk of domestic violence.

§  Helps to highlight the importance of technical education.

§  Helps to overcome the mental pressure on women’s minds of male dominancy.

§  Helps to improve the quality of women’s lives.

§  Women’s empowerment economically and emotionally.

§  Helps to develop a necessary measure to raise women’s participation.

§  Helps to reduce early age marriages which results from dropouts from schools and lack of awareness.


As we know women are already into hand-made skills and experts in household chores without any training. From cooking to cleaning house managing family along with an all-day busy schedule. If all those skills got more polished with some new techniques’ women can use all their already known skills into polished ones can be beneficial from all aspects. It motivates more to enhance and learn new things and empower women from generation to generation. It also highlights the importance of women’s education and involvement in every field. Growing evidence of the positive result of women empowerment, young girls continue to develop an interest in equal access to education and skills development, to choose a career, and seek more employment opportunities.

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