SSG Appliance Academy

Graduate & start your Appliance Repair Career in just 2 Weeks!

Located in Norcross, Georgia, SSG Appliance Academy is a licensed, in-person appliance repair school that teaches students essential electrical, electronics, gas, parts, and troubleshooting over two weeks.

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Why Enroll in SSG Appliance Academy?

High Paying Career

Appliance Repair Technician earn an average of $46,000

100% Job Placement

We partner with employers who seek out our students after graduation.

Licensed School

We are licensed through
the state of Georgia.

Expert Instruction

Our instructors have decades of experience and own their own repair business.

Financing Available

There are several payment options and opportunities available to our students.

Travel Accommodations

We’ll help you with transportation and hotel accommodations.

Find the right course to enhance your future:

Basic Appliance Repair Course

During the Basic Appliance Repair Course, we essentially put you in our shoes for 2 weeks. Appliance repair is what we do for a living. Once you graduate, it’s our hope and expectation that you’ll be able to launch your own career and enjoy the same fulfillment we do.

Sealed Systems Course

This course gives you complete guidance on how to troubleshoot and repair sealed systems. We provide full information to complete all repairs efficiently on refrigerators.

Hands on Learning with SSG Appliance Academy

dishwasher door removed for repair, breakdown of kitchen appliances.

What Our Students Are Saying

The facility and the staff were amazing. Positive and fun environment. I highly recommend this training to anyone looking to get into the Appliance Repair Industry!!!

Akil Kboi Vaughn

Learning about appliance repair and analyzing what could be wrong with an appliance feels like a puzzle game. Find the missing piece and then repair that part. It’s even more rewarding being female having that knowledge instead of having to call the maintenance man with every issue. I would encourage anyone to test out the classes to see if you like it and understand the process.

Sadé Thomas

Good combination of classwork and hands-on learning. Very good instructors that had a lot of knowledge and experience in the industry. Very affordable and convenient class options to help you with any schedule.

Khalid Ya'iyr Abdullah

What You Will Learn

By completing this comprehensive basic appliance repair course, you’ll be well-prepared to handle a wide range of kitchen appliances, washers, and dryers, offering valuable services to homeowners and building a successful career in the appliance repair industry.

In this section, you will start with the fundamentals of appliance repair. You’ll learn about safety procedures, electrical systems, and basic tools used in appliance repair. Understanding these foundational concepts is essential before diving into specific appliance types.

In this part of the course, you’ll focus on kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and dishwashers. You’ll learn how to diagnose common issues, repair or replace faulty components, and perform routine maintenance to keep these appliances in top working condition. This knowledge will enable you to provide efficient and effective solutions for your future clients.

This section delves into the intricacies of washer and dryer repair. You’ll gain expertise in diagnosing problems such as leaks, poor drainage, drum issues, and electrical malfunctions in both top-loading and front-loading machines. You’ll also learn how to service dryers, addressing concerns like heating problems and lint buildup, ensuring clothes come out dry and safe.

A significant aspect of appliance repair is troubleshooting. In this section, you’ll develop advanced diagnostic skills to identify issues accurately. You’ll learn how to use various testing tools, interpret error codes, and assess the condition of different components within appliances. This knowledge will be invaluable in your appliance repair career.

Apart from technical skills, this course will also cover customer service and essential business aspects. You’ll discover how to communicate effectively with clients, provide estimates, and maintain professional relationships. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into managing your appliance repair business efficiently, including pricing, marketing, and scheduling.

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