Our 2 Week Hands on Training Will Teach You the Basic Fundamentals to have a Successful Career in the Appliance Repair Industry.

During the Basic Appliance Repair Course, we have everything you need in one place..
  • Basic Electricity
  • Basic Electronics
  • Basic Gas
  • Appliance Parts
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Refrigeration
Our Appliance Repair training is for beginners and experienced technicians.
Our Appliance Repair training is for beginners and experienced technicians. Once you graduate, it’s our hope and expectation that you’ll be able to launch your own career or business
The appliance industry is in desperate need of qualified appliance repair technicians across the United States and Canada.
The appliance industry is in desperate need of qualified appliance repair technicians across the United States and Canada.

What will you Discover?

Having advanced, specialized skills as a technician can open up numerous opportunities for individuals looking for either a start, a career change, or even extra money. By taking specific courses on some of the most in-demand appliance repairs right now, it will be easier and easier to win customers over and become efficient at any technician job.

We offer new opportunities for anyone to get started each month. What makes us different from the rest?

Technicians across the board are in high demand. As more and more people are looking at other career paths, there is a shortage of quality trained and certified technicians. Not only are companies looking to hire technicians, but many are actually paying for the education necessary to have their employees meet the growing demands around the country.

In a male-dominated field, women are also finding more opportunities than ever working as a trained technician. A lot of home and business owners are simply looking for quality care with a personal touch whenever they make a new hire. Courses are set up for varying levels of existing technicians, ranging from beginners all the way to experts. Students can be looking for a brand new career path, or a seasoned veteran can add a new skill to their repertoire.

Many first-time students will learn the skill they are most eager about, and then come back later for additional knowledge to continue growing.

In general, we also price all of our courses as competitively as possible. With technicians needed, now is not the time to charge absorbent prices for courses. In the growing competitive market, we still offer one of the best values one can find.

All courses are designed to be very efficient. Technicians want to be in and out with new
skills, and when lessons are straight and to the point, it makes it much easier to pay
attention. We attempt to cut down on any time-wasting information, focusing only on
the essentials so that students can wrap up and move on.

With this being the case, courses are fast-paced and engaging. In just a short amount of
time, technicians will feel like they have all the knowledge and skills they need to be
ready to go in the Appliance Repair Industry.

It takes more than simply basic knowledge and know-how to build up a strong reputation with customers. With knowledge comes more confidence and better customer service so that people are extremely satisfied with the work done.

The truth of the matter is, customers can realize when repairs are done by those who are less than confident in what they are working with. Taking (and passing) the proper courses can make such a big difference in the confidence a person has when approaching any challenging situation.

No hard-working technician should ever feel like they are lagging behind the competition. To differentiate from others, proper instruction and certification is necessary. We demand a lot out of our students, and students demand a lot out of us.

Even if technicians already know certain home services out there, it might be worth a refresher to gain additional knowledge. Things change in the industry from time to time, especially if repairs rely on new technology. Instead of keeping up with the times without taking any new courses, this is the opportunity to keep an edge.

For more information on all the different courses we currently offer, take time to look through our website. Potential students can also contact us at any point for individual questions before paying for or enrolling in any course.

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